Clayton County’s Centenarian Club

The Clayton County Senior Services Department serves the seniors of Clayton County by providing quality health and wellness programs at one of our five facilities around the county as well as by assisting seniors to maintain their independence in the community through in-home care services. The department established the Clayton County Centenarian Club which provides free lifetime membership which includes free breakfast, lunch, and admission to any dance and/or special event, to any Clayton County resident 100 years of age or older. The Centenarian Club was an initiative started by former County Manager Wade Starr and is managed by the Senior Services Department.

Listed below are the eligibility requirements for consideration into the Centenarian Club. The following information must be submitted to the department of Senior Services, Aging Program:

1. Letter addressed to the Senior Services Director requesting consideration into the Centenarian Club

2. Proof of age (100 years old plus) submitted at time of request (copy only)

3. Proof that nominee permanently resides in Clayton County dwelling (copy only)

  •  Private residence
  •  Assisted Living facility
  •  Proof of residency required

Information can be submitted two ways:

– Documentation can be dropped off at either the Frank Bailey Senior Center or the J Charley Griswell Senior Center and addressed to the attention of the Aging Program.

– Mailed or dropped off at the Clayton County Aging Office located at 877 Battle Creek Road in Jonesboro.

Please do not send original documents.