Clayton County Senior Services Staggered Registration

Clayton County Senior Services Staggered Registration

Senior Services is implementing a Staggered Registration Procedure for the upcoming February 6, 2023 – February 24, 2023 registration period. The new process will assist in limiting or eliminating ongoing challenges with the MySeniorCenter/MyActiveCenter software. For more information, contact 770-347-0150 or your local center. #Claytonconnected

Flyer with Registration Details Below:

Frank Bailey Senior Center Registration Date- Monday, February 6- February 24, 2023

J. Charley Griswell Senior Center Registration Date- Tuesday, February 7- February 24, 2023

Sonna Singleton Gregory Senior Center Registration Date- Wednesday, February 8- February 24, 2023

Flint River Community Center Registration Date- Thursday, February 9, February 24, 2023