Clayton County Meals on Wheels Program

The Meals on Wheels Program is headed by our Aging Program. Please contact this division at 770-603-4050 to speak with an Information and Assistance Specialist for more information.

The Home Delivered Meals program provides a hot lunch 5 days a week to home-bound individuals who are not able to prepare a balanced meal for themselves to include:

Temporarily-homebound: recoving from surgery or an injury

Semi-homebound: able to get out occasionally when there is assistance available.

Permanently-homebound: severe impairment; cannot leave his/her house under normal circumstances due to illness, including a terminal illness, incapacitating disability, isolation, and/or lack of transportation.

Lives alone: physically or mentally unable to obtain food and prepare meals, and there is no one else available to obtain food and prepare meals.

Emergency frozen meals are available to serve those who need immediate temporary assistance with meals. A client recuperating from an illness or injury may temporarily receive meals for up to three months. Frozen meals are delivered weekly in a 5-meal pack.